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About Fusions

Fusions is here to build business partnerships and to see you grow not only financially but personally as well in all your endeavors.

With the help of today’s software, I can provide:

All your financial information organized in one place

Get organized and stay organized with your customer, vendor and sales information in one place. There's no more digging through piles of paper. Everything is at your fingertips with my services.

Ø  Monthly or quarterly meetings about your financials and to help business development and client relationships.

Ø  Monthly and quarterly reports to show the flow of business

Ø  Tips of how to cut expenses and how to make the most of your products for your money

Ø  Understanding deductions

Ø  Using a chart of accounts – how to allocate your expenses

Ø  Quarterly and annual tax filings and tax planning

Most of my clients are on a monthly retainer which allows for them to contact me and utilize my services as often as needed.  My services are inclusive of your personal and business tax returns; therefore you don’t come out of pocket with more monies when your returns need to be filed.  You get a fixed monthly rate.



About Paul M. Ng

As a consultant for the past 18 years, I have assisted in many industries to grow and develop. 

My background is not only as an accountant but I have been in many industries, assisting in marketing and development and management as well.

Since 1993, I have been a consultant in accounting, taxation, tax resolution, legal document preparation, foreclosure alternatives as well as and business development working with small to medium sized companies.

I have been able to show companies how to benefit from the use of my services as well as having an on call accountant that can assist in your financial endeavors.

I have performed on average 3-5 audits a year, representing the general public when the IRS or State requests for an audit of their personal or business tax matters and work in conjunction with Denver Pro Tax, a local Accounting firm here in Colorado.

Fusions brings affiliates and referrals with all industries and specializing in building relationships with all businesses.  Where one industry lacks the tools we provide the necessary contacts to our partners to find those tools needed for success